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Battery Operated Action Train

If you’ re looking for a new set of wheels for your railway, you’re in the right place. This battery..

Battery Powered Engine

Full steam ahead with this classic, green battery powered engine. The forward and reverse functions ..

Cargo Harbour Set

The container ship sails across the water and arrives in the harbour with cargo. The battery-operate..

Cargo Transport Helicopter

There’s no cooler way to fly than by helicopter. Behind the pilot in the new Cargo Transport Helicop..

Clever Crane Wagon

Lift, turn, and deliver. No matter what the goods are, the crane wagon gets the job done. Up or down..

Crane and Mountain Tunnel

Every corner of the Crane & Mountain Tunnel offers something new to discover. Lift the crane and top..

Double Suspension Bridge

BRIO’s longest bridge takes you on a thrilling journey across the water. The bridge stands steadily ..

Expansion Pack Beginner

Communication is crucial in rail traffic. This set of eleven useful parts complete your BRIO railway..

Expansion Pack Intermediate

Follow the track, extend and shift where needed. With 16 parts the possibilities for extension are e..

Farm Railway Set

Out on the farm, life is quiet. The cow and horse are out on pasture while the tractor is taking the..

Farm Train

The horse and the cow need to be transported out to the pasture. Help them get onboard the train by ..

Freight Goods Station

Lift and load action! Take the load off the wagon with the magnetic arm. Drop the load on the chute ..

Gantry Crane

Lifting, hauling and loading have never been more exciting! The Gantry Crane has a cabin on top that..

Lift and Load Set

Building vertical shapes has a natural thrill to it. The Lift & Load Warehouse Set makes just that p..

Lifting Bridge

It’s the boat’s turn to pass by. Just turn the crank to lift the bridge and manually lower the stop ..