Entertainment, education, companionship!

We believe and serve passionately in these values ​​that allow young and adults to discover with perseverance what it really is worth.


It is the creative way of using free time, which offers not only pleasure and relaxation, but also mental and spiritual cultivation.


It is not just knowledge but all the skills and abilities, as well as the moral values ​​that are developed through the game.


It is important to have fun together with the children, encouraging them to make friends and understand concepts such as mutual respect and teamwork!

Corporate identity

    John Hellas is a Greek company founded in 2005 and based in Thessaloniki. It is active in the field of games and its priority is to offer quality, branded toys, tailored to the specifics of every age. The rule of John Hellas is respect for customers and associates. Its aim is its continuous upward trend in the Greek market. Commitment to the constant investment in the future of all, our children!


Our commitment is to offer quality games that meet all European safety standards.


With more than 1,000 product suggestions, which are constantly updated and meet the needs of every age and the wishes of each child.


Following the new developments we go beyond "ordinary", constantly looking for new ideas and exploring new dimensions.

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