Logic Games

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Brainteaser Amaze™

A maze that changes every time you play! Players must navigate this maze game using the attached sty..

Brainteaser Color Cube Sudoku

Flip & rearrange all 9 Color Cubes on the 3 x 3 tray until each color appears once in every row and ..

Junior Logic Game Balance Beans®

Balance Beans is a logic game and math game all in one. Set up the Red Beans according to the Challe..

Junior Logic Game Hoppers®

Hoppers is a peg solitaire jumping game – set the frogs on the pond, then jump frogs until only one ..

Junior Logic Game Laser Maze Jr.™

The greatest logic maze game ever is ready to take off – and ignite your problem-solving skills. The..

Junior Logic Game Robot Turtles™

Preschoolers can learn programming one turtle move at a time. Robot Turtles takes seconds to learn, ..

Junior Logic Game Rush Hour® Jr.

Just like the classic Rush Hour logic game, you shift blocking cars and trucks out of your way to cl..

Junior Logic Game Zingo!®

It’s not just bingo. It’s Zingo!, a matching game that encourages pre-readers and early readers alik..

Logic Game Circuit Maze™

Ignite your logic and sequential reasoning skills with Circuit Maze! Your goal is to arrange the tok..

Logic Game Escape The Room Mystery at the Stargazer's Manor

The Mystery: It’s 1869 and the town’s well-respected astronomer has not been seen since the untimely..

Logic Game Escape The Room Secret of Dr Gravely's Retreat

The year is 1913 and you are the lucky winner of a free stay at Foxcrest Retreat, where the famed Dr..

Logic Game Gravity Maze®

It’s a maze game. It’s a marble game. Actually, it’s a gravity-powered logic maze game that builds r..

Logic Game Laser Maze

The challenges and laser make the hugely popular Laser Maze Game fun. The fact that it’s a logic maz..

Logic Game Lunar Landing™

You must use your five loyal helper-bots to find a way back to the ship’s emergency entry port – or ..

Logic Game River Crossing™

Can the Hiker cross the river without getting up close and personal with gators, snakes and piranha?..